Outsourcing Advisory

Outsourcing Advisory

Outsourcing Advisory

Posted on June 18th, 2024

Effective outsourcing can generate cost savings and help companies manage increasing market disruption to succeed in a changing world.

Outsourcing done well delivers results, improves service experience, and achieves strategic business expectations. It can help you succeed in an increasingly complex and changing world. It starts with a vision closely linked to your company’s mission and strategy, then continues with a carefully constructed service delivery model and outsourcing strategy.

More and more businesses have turned to outsourcing as a crucial value lever in responding to increasing levels of market disruption, from remote working to talent retention, hyperinflation and business continuity. Companies are leveraging outsourcing relationships as fuel to accelerate the business response to change as well as boost efficiency and control costs.

Whether your organization is in its first or fifth generation of outsourcing, it may be time to take a fresh look at your outsourcing and talent management strategies to enable your enterprise-wide business transformation.

The benefits

The benefits of outsourcing extend beyond traditional cost savings, by delivering value enterprise-wide with renewed focus on the customer and end-user experience. 

How KPMG can help

KPMG Outsourcing Advisory services span the full outsourcing lifecycle, offering support to help you solve all of your outsourcing questions to help your organization transform. We can help you determine whether to outsource or not and, if so, how to best go about it. Our full suite of service offerings include:

  • Assessment and strategy development: We will review and assess your current situation, including any pain points, benchmark how you compare with other similar firms in your market, and propose guiding principles for going forward.
  • Outsourcing support: We will help you develop a roadmap to implement an outsourcing relationship, including developing RFPs, evaluating, and selecting a vendor, and implementing and maintaining due diligence guardrails.
  • Negotiations and contract drafting and execution: We can work with you to develop a negotiations plan, facilitate discussions with third-party vendors, and draft and execute the outsourcing contract.
  • Transition support: We can help assess the vendor’s readiness to take on the outsourced work, develop a transition roadmap, and then facilitate the transition of work to the vendor.
  • Integrating and optimizing vendor performance:  We can help design and build governance structures and processes, integrate service deliveries in multi-vendor arrangements, and then monitor and, if necessary, stabilize or improve the vendor’s performance to meet contractual standards.
  • Assessment of value realization: We develop financial models so you can track and evaluate whether vendors are performing as advertised, and work to ensure that you realize the expected value from the outsourcing relationship.

KPMG outsourcing advisers bring a unique blend of functional expertise and deep contracting experience, positioning KPMG consistently as one of the World’s Top Outsourcing Advisors by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP). Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you think, perform, and contract with agility and unlock end-to-end value across your back, middle, and front offices. Get started now!

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